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A short film by Alex Mannion-Jones. Deported follows the arrival of Gabriel, a recent deportee from the US, to the city of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. The film relates the experiences of several real-life deportees through the story of the protagonist and his search for a means to connect with his family back home in the US.

Concrete sleep

A selection of city-dwellers intimately explain their relationships to both cities and dreams in this poetic and abstract documentary. SELECTED - BBC 3 FRESH OFFICIALLY SELECTED - BFI Future Film Festival 2014 - Documentary 2nd Place - Jury Selection - International Shorts - ClipAward Kurzfilmfestival SELECTED - Kino International WINNER - Kino Exposed 2013 - [...]

Pier Eight

Promotional videos for The Lowry’s new restaurant and bar Pier Eight, stepping into the kitchen with head chef Oliver Thomas to prepare poached egg with buttered mushrooms on toast.

More of our work